Live Animals

At Old Souls Farm, our live animals are sold via auction. Here you can find calves, yearlings, and bulls regularly for sale, with the occasional cow listed, too. 

Live animal auctions run for 5-7 days, with live bid results shared online. Auction results are posted at the end of each sale. 

Auction winners are responsible for coordinating pick-up and transport with Old Souls Farm.


Our bull selection process begins at birth. Bull calves are rated based on the lineage of their dam and sire—only bull calves that come from registered stock are kept as part of our bull program; bull calves that do not are castrated and become part of our beef production program. 

The next step in our selection process takes place at weaning age. When calves are weaned, we begin closely monitoring each animal’s specific traits and disposition. In our bulls, we look for a high weaning weight, mellow disposition, horns that appear to be perfectly symmetrical, skull structure, and frame score. Bull calves that do not carry desirable traits are castrated at this point and become part of our beef production program. Because we have a lot of male offspring to choose from, and there is a large demand for meat, we are able to select only our very best male progeny to continue on as breeding bulls. 

Our next selection takes place at 15-16 months of age. At this age, bulls are beginning to mature. We are able to see what their horn growth and structure is, and we monitor them closely throughout the grazing season in ‘the bull pen’, which is a fenced pasture next to our home. If we detect any undesirable traits, bulls are castrated at this point and moved to the steer herd. 

Our final bull selection is made at 22 months of age, when bulls are mature and ready to go to work. We have them semen tested by a veterinarian, insure fertility, and know that we have superior, virgin bulls ready for sale.

Yearling Heifers & Weaned Calves

Our heifer products come from our breeding herd, which is comprised of both registered and unregistered cows. Genetics we strive for in our breeding herd are fertility, horn growth, horn symmetry, frame score, udder/teet quality, skull structure and, most importantly, disposition.

Available Live Animals