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We’re passionate about this breed and sharing our high-quality Scottish Highland cattle semen and embryos with others across the nation.

Using embryos in your program is the best way to expedite superior genetics into your herd. Cattle are our business and we have enjoyed the use of embryos to reproduce the best products with the top genetics available in the country. We run our entire embryo program with our own herd goals in mind, but we now welcome you to join us in our breeding program by offering our embryo products for sale.

We are firm believers that smaller, more efficient breeding stock can allow you to run more cattle on less land. More breeding cows means more calves for equal input costs, in turn producing higher profits.

Traditionally, Scottish Highland cattle are smaller, more efficiently-framed animals. This is exactly what we strive to produce. As you look through our offerings, ask yourself: what traits do I want to see in my herd? 

If you are new to this process or want more help selecting your future calves, please feel free to reach out to us. We are always willing to talk Highlands! 



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Proudly raising Scottish Highland Cattle.