Old Souls Farm

Bonnie of Yukon - Somerset Brodie Axel (heifer sexed)


Yukon is a brindle cow who is listed as an "Impact Dam" with the American Highland Cattle Association, proving her fertility. She is moderately sized cow carrying a deep and wide frame with very desirable temperament. She is a cow we specifically have chosen to reproduce for the purpose of replacement heifers.

In this mating with Somerset Brodie Axel from Highland Breeders, we aim to produce moderate-framed breeding stock with high probability of yellow and dun calves. This is a pairing with an extra increased chance to get the rare "yellow brindle" coloration. The brindle trait can be carried in all colors but is most commonly seen in red - it rarely shows in yellow cattle.

Somerset Brodie Axel is a deep bodied, silver bull with a strong top line and symmetrical horns. Axel brings some well-known genetics to this pairing and high hopes for beautiful calves.  To learn more about Somerset Brodie Axel or the Highland Breeders program, please visit https://highlandbreeders.com/shop/ols/products/somerset-brodie-axel-female-sexed-semen