Old Souls Farm

BRR Nellie 12 - Somerset Brodie Axel (Heifer sexed)


Nellie is a picture perfect example of what we aim for in our breeding herd. She is extremely docile and easy to work with. Case in point: Nellie has impressive, mature horns - horns so big, in fact, that it can be difficult for her to maneuver through alleys and chutes not designed for horned cattle. During her first oocyte collection, she was off-site in an unfamiliar facility and struggled to get through the alley system. Recognizing her docile temperament, our embryo technician climbed onto her back, got hands on each of her horns, and steered her right into the chute. Nellie didn't get excited or over-stressed in this situation and showcased her VERY IMPRESSIVE TEMPERAMENT. 

In this mating with Somerset Brodie Axel from Highland Breeders, we aim to produce moderate-framed breeding stock with a good chance for silver and white coloration. Somerset Brodie Axel is a deep bodied, silver bull with a strong top line and symmetrical horns. Axel brings some well-known genetics to this pairing and high hopes for beautiful calves.  

To learn more about Somerset Brodie Axel or the Highland Breeders program, please visit https://highlandbreeders.com/shop/ols/products/somerset-brodie-axel-female-sexed-semen