Old Souls Farm

JUB Eleanore - CBS No Excuses (conventional)


Nora, another "Impact Dam" with the American Highland Cattle Association, is great all around cow. We have reproduced her genetics numerous times in our herd and kept her bull calves for use as a herd sires the last two years in a row. She has impressive horns that she calmly maneuvers through all handling facilities we introduce her to. She is ideal with  her moderate size and exceptional dimensions - this is why we consider her to be one of our best cows for reproduction.

We paired her with CBS No Excuses in a conventional mating for hopes of producing a powerful dun bull. This bull is designed to create ideal replacement heifers for your own use. That said,  all calves produced from this mating should be a delight to have on the ground.

To learn more about CBS No Excuses or the Highland Genetics program, please visit https://www.highlandgenetics.com/products/lot-8-cbs-no-excuses-semen