Old Souls Farm

Old Souls Maive - Somerset Brodie Axel (heifer sexed)


Maive is a black cow from a very fertile bloodline. Her dam went from having an October calf to a May calf in only 3 calving cycles. That's two calves in 10 month intervals, two years in a row! Maive has shown herself to be quite productive in natural calving, as well as embryo production. Her size, efficient build, and strong, fertile genes are the reasons we've selected her to be part of our embryo program. We use her to create replacement heifers in our own herd and we're excited to offer you the option to incorporate her genetics into your herd, too. 

In this mating with Somerset Brodie Axel from Highland Breeders, we aim to produce moderate-framed breeding stock with a 50% chance for dun. As Maive is black (double dominate color gene) and Axel is silver (double recessive color gene), the offspring should only be yellow and dun (one dominate and one recessive color gene). Somerset Brodie Axel is a deep-bodied, silver bull with a strong top line and symmetrical horns. Axel brings some well-known genetics to this pairing and high hopes for beautiful calves.  

To learn more about Somerset Brodie Axel or the Highland Breeders program, please visit https://highlandbreeders.com/shop/ols/products/somerset-brodie-axel-female-sexed-semen