Osso buco (shanks)



The beef shank is the lower leg of the animal. Osso Buco is comprised of beef shank that has been cut into rounds. The shank is a hard-working muscle that wraps around a marrow-rich bone.  Most commonly used in stews, soups and dishes such as beef bourguignon, beef shanks should be slow-cooked to break down the connective tissue. 


Our pasture-raised, grass-finished Scottish Highland beef is low in cholesterol and high in protein. We guarantee our beef's flavor and tenderness will make any beef recipe the center of attention at your table.



**Cost listed above is a per-pound price **

Average weight of a package of osso buco is 2lbs.

Beef products are not uniform in packaged weight. Because of this, the actual weight of the meat "in your cart" may vary slightly when we prepare your order. Our online ordering system gives you an estimate of what the overall total will be and allows for pre-payment of our products so we can arrange your order. At that time, we will weigh each product, calculate the per-pound price and determine a final order total. The difference between that final price and your pre-payment is due upon delivery/pick-up and can be completed online or in person, whatever your preference.