Old Souls Farm

SP Honey '15 - Somerset Brodie Axel (heifer sexed)


Honey was an AI-born calf from the Scottish import Prionnsa Ruadh of Callachally. Prionnsa Ruadh was imported from Scotland by Roger and Josette Stagg, a Idaho-based couple breeding Highlands for over four decades. We were fortunate in having the opportunity purchase cattle from these lines and are now able to reproduce with them in our own herd.

Honey is another example of a very efficient, low-input cow that creates beautiful replacement heifers for our breeding herd. Her calves are always strong-gaining calves and, paired with Axel, we expect the highest quality breeding stock heifers out of these two.

In this mating with Somerset Brodie Axel from Highland Breeders, we aim to produce moderate-framed breeding stock with a good chance for dun, yellow, silver and white coloration. Somerset Brodie Axel is a deep bodied, silver bull with a strong top line and symmetrical horns. Axel brings some well-known genetics to this pairing and high hopes for beautiful calves.  

To learn more about Somerset Brodie Axel or the Highland Breeders program, please visit https://highlandbreeders.com/shop/ols/products/somerset-brodie-axel-female-sexed-semen